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Tech's Hacek

From:Emily Zilch <emily0@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 8, 2004, 4:41
{ 20040606,1208 Danny Wier }

"True, but what I was referring to is a belief among Nostraticists is
that Indo-European *bh is related to Afro-Asiatic *b. Though Nostratic
may or may not be a valid theory in the 'real world', it is in my
conworld, and Tech is a direct descendant of this."

Ah. Not that I had the slightest way of KNOWING that, of course.

"For example, 'tying together, marriage' is _ban^d_ (the ^ should be a
caron/hac^ek); its passive, _b@n^d_ (@ = inverted e, that is, 'schwa'),
means 'house, home, family, community', close to German _Bund_."

Does this hacek indicate, as I have seen in most other cases, that it
is part of a unitary, prenasalised consonant rather than being part of
a consonant cluster? For example, Sinhalese uses this romanisation
scheme to distinguish nasal + C v. prenasalised C, which *do* form
minimally contrastive pairs.



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