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Re: Describing the Welsh LL to non-linguists

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 18, 2008, 19:15
Paul Roser skrev:
> In his book on African phonetics from the 60s Ladefoged described Bura as > having palatal lateral fricatives, and that is also how they're described in > the UCLA language materials (and also in L & M's Sounds of the Worlds > languages) - but I found a pdf dictionary of Bura online > <> > and that seems to list the second pair of lateral fricatives as compounds of > velar fricatives plus the alveolar laterals /xK, GK\/. From the dictionary I > gather that the alveolar laterals are written <tl, dl>, and the velars are > written <h, gh>, so the velar/compound laterals should be <htl, ghdl>, > though there is at least one incidence of <tly> in the dictionary, but I'm > unclear what it indicates... > > Besides the other examples of multiple lateral fricatives, Toda in SW India > has dental/alveolar and retroflex and A-Hmao in also has alveolar and > retroflex lateral fricatives.
Icelandic gets [C_l] from /Kj/ as in _hljóð_ [C_lo:wD_0] and probably [x_l] for /K/ when it ends up next to an [x] <- /k/ or /G/. Only one phoneme /K/, or arguably even /hl/ or /lh/ though. AFMOC Southern Sohlob, which still lacks a name *in* Sohlob has /s\_l/ and /z\_l/ beside /K/ and /K\/ and Kidilib aka Northern Sohlob probably has [s\_l] allophonically too. I guess the /K\ z\_l l/ contrast in Southern would be kinda remarkable in a natlang. All the Sohlob languages have /K/ of course. Kidilib has a five-way contrast /f s s\ s` x/ and /v z z\ z` G/ in non-lateral fricatives, and probably /K/ would take on appropriate allophones when colliding with these. The latinizations and corresponding native-alphabet graphies are quite unimaginative: /K/ = hl /K\/ = zl /s\_l/ = hly /z\_l/ = ly /s\/ = ç/sj /z\/ = y /s`/ = hr /z`/ = r /x/ = x /G/ = q /BP 8^)> -- Benct Philip Jonsson -- melroch atte melroch dotte se ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "C'est en vain que nos Josués littéraires crient à la langue de s'arrêter; les langues ni le soleil ne s'arrêtent plus. Le jour où elles se *fixent*, c'est qu'elles meurent." (Victor Hugo)