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CHAT: "Reality..view" trans was: CHAT: Is anybody here? Hello?

From:Daniel Baisden <alomian1@...>
Date:Monday, February 8, 1999, 21:29
In a message dated 2/7/99 11:28:33 AM Eastern Standard Time,
draqonfayir@JUNO.COM writes:

> >I'll also use this as an opportunity to translate Chris's signature = > >quote into Aluric (everyone else feel free to do the same into your = > >languages!): > > >>"Reality is just another point of view."
Okay, making their online debuts, This in Alomian is "zeZ nolz Ti lers ha jEsk" And in, Guma, the language of the Native Alomian Nation is "Tef pUv OkOd degdAvgOm"