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[LCC] Workshop ideas

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Friday, December 22, 2006, 20:16
So far there are a few ideas on the table for workshops.

1. Conlang treasure hunt (suggested IIRC by Arthaey)

Conlang or linguistics based clues which point to other clues, etc
etc, with the first solver of the last clue winning a prize

2. Live conlang relay (also IIRC from Arthaey)

Exactly like the traditional sort... but taking place on site during
the conference! Would need to be a bit more limited in scope of
course. Includes a half-session near the end to show and discuss the

3. Create a conlang workshop (suggested by lots of people ;-) )

Track 1: Beginner

Guided hands-on class creating some portion(s) of a language

Track 2: Advanced

3-4 person small groups tackling a conlang problem - e.g. creating a
small language or part of a language to solve a problem or translate a
particular sentence, reverse-engineering a conlang, etc

4. "Ask the experts" panel (idea by me, inspired by Matt Haupt)

Audience members ask questions - panel members answer them

Primarily intended for "I'm thinking about ___ in my conlang. I have
this problem: ____. How do I solve it? / What would be neat to do
here? / etc" type questions, but could be more free-form.

5. Structured / moderated audience discussion

Possible topics:
* how to popularize / spread a language
* how much Sapir-Whorf effects can be evoked
* how to integrate conlanging into your life
* how conlanging has affected your life
* how to popularize / spread conlanging & integrate it into other
teaching curricula
* [suggestion something here]

6. Conlang / linguistic comedy session

Not a workshop per se, but a way to have a conlang comedy set - or
skits - with multiple people (so nobody needs to prep a full set).
Anything conlang-related goes (but try either to be polite to
everyone, or roast everyone equally :-P).

Any comments to improve these, how important (or unimportant) they are
for you, whether you could help run them, or other ideas for

For the 'create a conlang' workshop - what would you want to focus on
for the beginner track, and what problem would you pose the groups for
the advanced track?

For the conlang treasure hunt (email to me privately!) - ideas for
riddles to include?

 - Sai