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hi guys- new poll for yahoo

From:Samuel Rivier <samuelriv@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 4, 2001, 3:28
for those of you who have yahoo there is a poll on the
club, accessible at

It is asking what your favorite auxlang is-
I'd be really interested to see your opinions as
myself a former esperantist turned interlinguist
turned ro-ist (for about five seconds) turned
lojbanist (and still kinda am) turned independent

I must say that I've noticed a lot of you like
esperanto/Ido, but don't you think that a language
founded on such eurocentric principles is a folly? Not
to mention the fact that case declension is difficult
for any new speaker, not just the ones who lack it

The reason I love lojban so much is that it's based on
major languages from all 5 continents [English
(NA-Aus), Spanish (SA-Eur), Russian (Eur-Asia),
Mandarin (Asia-Oce), Arabic (ME-Afr)]. It also lacks
all case declension. The main problem I have with it,
and the reason I turned independent, was that the
lujvo had alternate forms (somewhat alright for casual
use, i suppose) and that it had up to five mandatory
strings for each gismu.

And it's not just a matter of taking the good things
from all languages. A language needs structure, form,
like lojban with its rather chinese gismu-tanru selbri
form, or esperanto with the classic
subject-verb-object. And I think that finding out
which form offers the most concrete semantics with the
simplest system is something that must be achieved
before we can truly evaluate an IAL.

I look forward to talking with you all!

Samuel Rivier

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