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Gweinic Language Family - Case Revision

From:Anthony M. Miles <theophilus88@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 23:43
I have revised the case system my conlang Habazalei Lahabamez/Abhali'
La'mmez ['za.lej la.'; a.'b<h> 'la:mmez] in both the
Early and Classical versions
Early Lahabic
Animate 'tree'
        Singular        Dual           Plural
Nom    telembrakhe    telembraghe    telembra (<- syllabic m)
Gen    telembrakwoz   telembragwoz   telembramez
Dat    telembrakwa    telembragwa    telembrama
Loc    telembrapa     telembraba     telembrama
Acc    telembraken    telembragen    telembramen
1. The nom pl sg ending is derived from a syllabic m and therefore has the
form -m after vowels and -a after consonants. The animate agentive suffix,
however, derives from syllabic r
Inanimate 'pole'
        Singular        Dual           Plural
Nom    telemalei      telemaze'      telemaze'
Gen    telemabwoz     telemabwouz    telemamez
Dat    telemabwo      telemabwou     telemame
Loc    telemapo       telemabo       telemame
Acc    telemato'r     telemado'r     telemane'r
Classical Lahabic
        Singular        Dual           Plural
Nom    tlembrakh      tlembragh      tlembra
Gen    tlembrakwoz    tlembragwoz    tlembramez
Dat    tlembrakh      tlembragh      tlembram
Acc    tlembraken     tlembragen     tlembramen
        Singular        Dual           Plural
Nom    telmali'       telmaze'       telmaze'
Gen    telmabwoz      telmabwu'z     telmamez
Dat    telmabwo       telmabwu'      telmam
Acc    telmato'r      telmado'r      telmame'r
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