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Re: [Celticonlang] Maps of Ill Bethisad.

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Thursday, March 29, 2001, 14:25
On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, andrew wrote:

>Am 03/25 20:51 Padraic Brown yscrifef: >> The maps (thus far) of Ill Bethisad can be accessed through: >> <> >> >> Additions, comments, hints, etc. all welcome! >> >Well, two things stand out to me. > >When and why did the Republic of Louisiana become landlocked?
Eh? Minor scribal error.
>My own >belief is that a Midwest Francophone state would need maritine contact >with old France, and probably an active presence in the Caribean.
Fiat! Looks nicer, too.
>Especially since it is the League rather than Tejas that now controls >Old Louisiana.
Controls in what way?
>According to the esteemed historian Llewan, one of Canadian provinces >did not join the League at its inauguration. Yet its independent status >is not reflected in this map. What happened to it.
It sank to the bottom of the sea? I, of course, would never dispute Llewan's magnum opus "History of the Americas": can you remind me what province that is and where?
>Afterthough: are the Deseret Seperatists involved in the disputation >between Californians and the Tejans?
Must be! Though I bet the Oregonians and Louisians are alert to trouble as well. Especially given Tejas's penchant for stirring up border trouble and land grabbing.
>Final thought: what language do the Oregonians speak?
Oregonian? Padraic.
>- andrew.


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