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The chant of the dog's gravestone

From:Pavel A. da Mek <pavel.adamek@...>
Date:Thursday, January 25, 2001, 16:16
I belive that the song,
which can be named "The chant of the dog's gravestone",
is at least of Proto-Indo-European origin,
if not even of Nostratic origin;
but I know only two versions,
both in Slavonic languages.
I would like to know
if there is any version of this song in another language.

The Czech version:

Pes jaternic`ku sez`ral (The dog ate a little sausage)
v kuchyni malic`kou; (in the kitchen;)
r`ezni'k mu na to pr`is`el, (the butcher came at it,)
pras`til ho palic`kou. (he struck him with the mallet.)
Plakali vs`ichni psove', (All dogs wept,)
vykopali mu hrob; (they dug the grave for him;)
na desce mramorove' (on the marble-slab,)
byl na'pis te`chto slov: (there was the inscription of these words:)
"Pes jaternic`ku sez`ral ... ("The dog ate a little sausage...)

The Russian version:

U popa byla sobaka, (The priest has a dog,)
on jejo ljubil. (he loved her.)
Ona sjela kusok mjasa, (She ate a piece of meat,)
on jejo ubil. (he killed her.)
Kak ubil, tak pochoval; (As he killed her, so he buried her;)
na mogilu napisal: (on the barrow he wrote:)
"U popa byla sobaka ... ("The prist has a dog ...)

If more versions will be available,
the reconstruction of the ancient myth behind this song
will be more accurate.