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Re: LCS benefits, was Re: [CONLANG] Conlang hosting

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 5, 2008, 4:51
David is quite right. Hopefully it's clear that, for now at least, all
discussion of what we might be able to do in the future as member
services is tentative.

I'd like to respond to one thing, re the conference and membership generally.

We tried to ensure that everyone could participate who wanted to, even
if they were unable to come in person. Participants' questions via IRC
were given to the presenters in near real time. The audio was freely
available both live and afterwards. The video is currently being
edited and will hopefully be up soon; video from LCC1 has been
available, and continues to be downloaded. (Last I checked, we were
still getting dozens of views a month.)

The point, in any case, is that just because you can't or couldn't
attend the conference, doesn't mean that you don't get to benefit from
it. We offer that benefit as freely as we are able, and will continue
to do so. We'd like to offer other services also, concentrating on the
ways in which we can do the most good for our community in the most
unique way.

I hope that you will consider membership, first and foremost, as a
matter of supporting our work and wanting it to continue, expand, etc.
With memberships, we'd have the funding to be able to offer more
services to all.

Yes, we will *also* try to offer specific membership benefits as we
are able - but that is icing.

- Sai
(feeling a certain communion with the people at NPR right now)