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[LCC] Give a talk about your language

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Thursday, January 25, 2007, 12:48
We invite people to give presentations about their own conlang(s), a
conlang of their choice, or a particularly relevant natlang.

You can also discuss projects in progress, or items that you haven't
yet decided on but are evaluating (with the intention of soliciting
feedback from the audience).

You will have 15 minutes for your presentation, including questions.
You can also submit a few pages of materials on the language to be
included in the printed program, to supplement your talk. Given the
limited amount of time, you should focus on a single aspect of the
language rather than trying to give a comprehensive presentation. If
you have extra time you can go on to discuss other aspects, but as a
rule of thumb you should expect everything to take 2 times as long as
you think it will (viz. Hofstadter's Law).

There will be 1-2 hours devoted to these talks at the conference,
depending on various factors such as the number of submissions
received, other program planning, etc. If there are more submissions
received than can be included, then some may be postponed to a future
conference, included in the printed program but not given time to
present, or asked to be on standby in case extra time becomes

Priority will be given to presentations that focus on the reasons for,
and implementation of, certain choices in the craft of the language -
i.e. that discuss the language as a conlanger to other conlangers,
sharing the process along with the result. For example:
* various potential ways you considered implementing a particular
feature, or options you considered, which one was decided on, and
*why* it was decided on;
* resources you used in the creation of the language, and how they
influenced the end product;
* what unusual features your language has; how and why it got to be that way;
* etc.

To apply, just fill out the form here:


- Sai