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Re: New Language - WIP

From:Ian Gowen <ian.gowen@...>
Date:Monday, July 19, 2004, 18:47
That sounds good. Sounds better than case-1, etc. I'll probably leave
ablative and genitive alone, since their meaning doesn't change based
on sentence structure.


On Mon, 19 Jul 2004 16:12:15 -0000, Christian Thalmann <cinga@...> wrote:
> Since you have the third case in all sentences but the first > only in ditransitive ones (which I presume are the rarest kind), > you could call them "primary", "secondary" and "tertiary", from > right to left. Every sentence has a primary object, but only > ditransitive ones have a tertiary object. > > I would *definitely* suggest that you not use the Latin names > in such a misleading way. > > > -- Christian Thalmann >