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Japanese relatives (was Re: Multiple decent langu

From:Mathias M. Lassailly <lassailly@...>
Date:Thursday, November 12, 1998, 23:03
Nik wrote :

Mathias M. Lassailly wrote:
> > Back to Japanese and Indonesian I've run into many apparented words > > like haru - perut, te - tangan, me/manako (= me no ko) - mata, > > suki - suka, etc. I don't speak Korean, but I've got Korean friends > > in Japan who convincingly explain me that their grammar - not > > vocabulary, ok - is just as similar to Japanese as French is to > > Spanish as some non-sino vocabulary is too like the famous ie-yip > > example : > > J : yipe > ipe > ihe > iwe > ie > > K : yipe > yip > > The Japanese-Korean connection is fairly well-accepted,
*fairly* is a good, tempered adjective. but the
> Indonesian-Japanese connection is, AFAIK, not very well-accepted. To be > accepted, you need to show regular correspondances. For example, does > Japanese /h/ regularly correspond to Indonesian /p/? It's also > important to look at gramatical forms (which is why it's so hard to > compare isolating languages), since borrowed vocabulary can mess with > your data, especially if borrowed long ago (so that they have had time > to evolve in both languages, creating correspondances).
Yes, Nik. Indonesian is a pidgin as you know. Its vocabulary and grammar is a Malay best-of with Javanese solecisms re-visited by Dutch linguists. Not quite the kind of brother Japanese dignity would daign consider. But don't blame me, I never stepped into Javanese and Balinese and Toradjan, and Minangkabau (etc etc etc) deeper than the little toe (very cold dongelongedongelongedong kind of water it is) so I only know I don't know. As for the grammar, the only correspondance I can think of is tha
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