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Re: Kalusa feature requests

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 23, 2006, 19:41
--- Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...> wrote:

> > Also -- as the ranking system evolves, we'll > probably want > to routinely rank the sentences added since the last > time we visited. It would be nice to have a form to > rank several sentences at once rather than doing > them one > at a time.
Very good idea. Like putting a check box next to each sentence and having a button to click for "Rate all checked sentences".
> > Currently, I reckon most sentences go unchallenged > and get just one 100% vote; only when someone > disagrees > with the form of some sentence and gives it a low > ranking > do other people jump in and rank it. > > Maybe 95% ranking with 19/20 votes should be > rated higher than 100% with 1/1 vote? >
I was thinking perhaps to score it like IQ. where 100 is average, and positive votes would raise it up beyond 100 while negative votes would drop it below 100. That way there is an incentive to vote up sentences you like so they don't fall, by default, into the "average" category.
> > > Another feature I thought of last night was "The > > Weekly Challenge Sentence." Take some reasonably > > challenging sentence, like something from the > Babel > > text, or Shakespeare, or whatever, and set up a > page > > where people can contribute their own translation > > and/or vote on the competing translations. Then at > the > ... > > Cool. We could start doing that now, but there's > not yet a way to ensure the corpus is listed in an > order > that puts the sentences of a given translated text > in order with no other sentences interpolated. >
It would also be possible to set up something basic like the McGuffey's reader text with alternate ranked translations of each sentence.
> -- > Jim Henry > >
I also thought it would be interesting to be able to click on any sentence in the corpus in order to offer an alternate translation. I thought if that when I saw a sentence in the corpus that just cried out for an alternate translation, but just adding it as a new sentence it would sort of get lost in the haystack. But if all the alternate translations were gathered together so they could be easily compared it would make more sense. Another idea is to set up an actual dictionary database where visitors could offer definitions for individual words and those definitions could also be voted up or down by other visitors so that eventually the consensus Kalusa/English dictionary would emerge. --gary