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OT: TVwatchin' decrease conlangin' (was Re: Help! Phonology From Hell!

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Monday, October 29, 2001, 5:09
In a message dated 27.10.2001 05:03:00 AM, rikroots@ENTERPRISE.NET writes:

>I still watch a lot of telly, but the daily average has dropped since I >got a computer :-> >
LMAO... ever since I got really going on Lego (my conlang), I am not at all interested in TV (& at times, food). In fact I think I can make 2 conlangs at once out of what I find in ISV* Greek roots (International Scientific Vocabulary): 1] Lego conlang : Greco roots feed thru English, Italian, & Spanish Interlingua-styled to create a semi-familiar neo-futurist(ic)/dadaistic pidgin conlang with semi-phonemic spelling & easy pronunciation, ... imagine a beady-eyed "slang"y English ;) impacted by collision with Italian, Spanish, and pidgin, somting like: mi empirico di-vinci tolkien Lego ~ <<me {attempt/experiment} invent conlang Lego>> schema: mi empirico - mi ne mezzofanti <<reason: me attempt - me no {multilingual/Mezzofanti}>> 2} the other Greco-conlang is the one I kinda sketched out earlier under Lego Revision 2.0. - the one where I am more intrigued with phonemetic spelling based on Implicational Universals of phonology & a more complex syntax (with a gender system) than pidgin. Tentative name for this particular conlang: Linga (or *gigglabyte* Legokhit: "Lego" + "Prakrit") - after all, the words IMHO vaguely seem like a Greek and Pali/Sanskrit hybrid simplified: Some of my tentative, ruff-sketch Linga words so far: _kh:tona_ from "chthonos", of the earth & underworld (mythic/poetic)... chthonic _seluna_ from "seleno" (& "luna").... selenography _dhanata_ from "Thanatos".... thanatology _saelio_ from "helio" ... heliotopography (& "sola-") _teknoesi_ from "techno-", "noe(tics)" + "gnosis" (my neologism - so far - for "science") ... _kosma-teknoesi_ : "astronomy" & all sciences related to the cosmos, heavens, stars, etc. _aleagenesi_ "alea(toric)" + "genesis" ===><evolution> (additionally: _aleagenesi daida_ means "chance creation art" related to both Dada [ & _daida_ is from "Daidalos" - Greek original for Latinized "Daedalus"] also _aleagenesi daida_ is relatedable - in my mind - to _lila_ - Sanskrit, "divine [creative, dance of] play." enuff said, never enuff done... czHANg