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Re : Question: help me!

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Date:Friday, August 20, 1999, 16:58
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 19/08/99 05:52:53  ,  Artyom a =E9crit :

> present crea, past creava, future creara, cond. creus(??), imperative > creez(??) =96 AND THAT'S ALL VERBAL FORMS!=20
that's 4 forms too many and 1 verb too many ;-) indonesian : meng-ada : to make-exist Plus one grammatical ending
> for one part of speech, ex. noun =96o, -a, -e;
i guess only 3 noun classes is a good improvement from swahili ;-)
> =20 > Please, anybody who can tell something about such IAL or conlang (or at > least, the closest to it!!!),=20
make your own one. you seem to have already earned precise preferences. i'm sure it will be as good as the already existing ones. mathias