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Coatlalopeuh Phonology/Orthography

From:Rob Nierse <rnierse@...>
Date:Monday, April 29, 2002, 10:04
Shreyas wrote;

>Coatlalopeuh (after Spanish Guadalupe) >is the working name for my new conlang.
This caught my attention immediately, it looks Aztec-like. I try to create a lang that has an Aztec feel to it, so that's why I'm interested. Is Coatlalopeuh to be intended to look Aztec-like?
>( /k^haKalobuh/, for the curious.)
Is this the phonological representation of the orthographic 'coatlalopeuh'? Starts to feel less Azte-like ...
>It's got Semitic-style triconsonantal morphology >and a triggered verbal system. >But none of that's really important right now, >just phonology:
Well, we're interested to see the morphology too, of course :)
>l L |ll| K |tl|
Hmm, both /ll/ and /tl/. They are allophones in my lang ([ll] being the allophone of [tl] in syllablefinal position)
>High vowels /i u/ preceding stressed syllables >in the same word are lowered >to /e o/. This is optionally noted in the orthography.
I have thought of this too. In the end I have ended up with i, e, a, o. Show us some samples of texts, I'm interested. Rob