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Re: Numbers

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Saturday, January 15, 2000, 6:22 writes:
>have so many of an object, or even how to count above 10 (base 16) >>would 11 be (ten)(one) or (one)(ten) or something else?
oooh.......i missed this part. This is a bit long, so sit back and relax In Saalangal, the numbers 1-10 are (i'm thinking of changing them yet again :)): táa dúwe dáo émpa talu ínma píto hálo sám sála to form 11-19, you link numbers onto ten: 11 - salang taa 12 - salang duwe 13 - salang dao 14 - salang empa 15 - salang talu For 20, 30, 40, etc, you reverse the above: 20 - duweng sala 30 - daong sala 40 - empang sala For 21, 22, 33, 44, etc, you write the basic large number, then "and" and then the small number: 21 - Duweng sala kun taa 35 - daong sala kun talu Anyway, numbers get VERY long as you go up. It even took me about 10 minutes to figure out how I would handle the number for last year. Fortunately if the year is like 2000, it is quite simple to say: duweng pali ________________________________________________ It's worth the risk of burning, to have a second chance...