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Re: Numbers

From:Paul Bennett <paulnkathy@...>
Date:Sunday, January 16, 2000, 7:44
On 16 Jan 00, at 2:18, Muke Tever wrote:

> >ObConLang: > > How do you all handle numbers, anyways? Like saying "I have 5 things" > >or whatever? Would it be considered an adjective, or article of some > >sort?
Meynian numerals are (I think) genetive nouns for counting and adjectives for ordinals. I have (a) five of books An mei deráim aegnis peizanuaghá ERG I own five book.of /An meI der\a:Im {NIs peItsAn@jA:/ (X-SAMPA) (for non X-SAMPites, /{/ is normally written /&/, and /r\/ is an alveolar approximant) Give me the five-ly book. Eiz sei an mei pharéizoas piuzan aegnisáth VOL you ERG I obtain.JUSS book /eIts seI An meI fAr\e:Is pUtsAn {NisA:T/ Plurals are marked by ablaut. A given vowel may occur in several single/plural pairs, sometimes as the single and sometimes as the plural, therefore the plural system can be thought of as irregular for all intents and purposes. Certain small plurals (known as "counted plurals") are shown by combining the following bound prefixes with the singular form of the noun: 0 nua- /n@/ 2 diu- /dU/ 3 dtha- /tTA/ 5 gni- /NI/ 10 dai- /daI/ Quantities are also marked by prefixing the singular stem: All so- /sQ/ (None nua- /n@/) Many la- /lA/ Few wei- /weI/ Enough dóa- /d@U:/(also "simply", "purely", "only") Scarce chi- /tSI/