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Re: Numbers

From:Axiem <axiem@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 18, 2000, 1:44
Well, I think I have the numbering system of Di^me'l all figured out
It uses a base 16 system, so whenever I write a numeral (10) it is in
base 16, whereas the word written out is either base 10 or di^me'l,
where appropriate.

0       nul
1       man
2       du
3       tri
4       te't
5       pe'nt
6       he'ks
7       se't
8       akt
9       han
A       ri^l
B       mi^n
C       kad
D       ga^r
E       re'v
F       ne'v
10      de'k
100     ke'nt
1000    s^a^r
1,0000  fer

To say you have so many of an object, you use the number as a prefix,
placing an 'o' after it (the number), so "I have thirteen nouns" is:

Ki   nere'lu'be   ga^rokxpy'
(I)    (have)      (C)(noun)

Note that whenever using a number, the noun is #always# in the plural:

manokxpy' == one cup

To form numbers above 10, you combine all the numbers with 'e's:

14B == manoke'ntete'tode'kemi^n.
        1 * 100 +  4 * 10 + B
if the final number is a 0, nul is used:
2E50 == duos^a^rere'voke'ntepe'ntode'kenul
        2 *1000 +  E * 100 +  5  * 10 + 0
Commas are placed after every fourth digit. For numbers over 1,0000
(until 1,0000,0000 which I don't know yet), you act as though the first
four numbers are the prefix:
456,DBAC == te'toke'ntepe'ntode'kehe'ksofer
            (4  * 100 +  5  * 10 +  6) *10000+  D *1000 +  B * 100 +  A
* 10 + C
For easier reading, spaces can go around 'e's. However, parenthasis can
be used for the over-comma numbers:
14B == manoke'nt e te'tode'k e mi^n.
2E50 == duos^a^r e re'voke'nt e pe'ntode'k e nul
456,DBAC == (te'toke'nt e pe'ntode'k e he'ksofer) e ga^ros^a^r e
mi^noke'nt e ri^lode'k e kad
Quite a mouthful at the bigger numbers. But then, this is base 16, so
even very rarely is 1,0000 even gotten to.
For negative numbers, just add the prefix "ne'gu'":
-23 == ne'gu'diode'ketri

I haven't figured out infinity, how to express imaginary numbers, etc,
but right now I think this works.
Now I need to figure out the symbols ^_^

Any comments/suggestions/critiques?

-AIM: Axiem
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