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A Re-Introduction and An Announcement

From:Doug Ball <db001i@...>
Date:Monday, October 8, 2001, 16:01
Greetings all,
After a lengthy absence, I am back on CONLANG.  For those who weren't on the
last time I was on, I suppose an introduction is in order.  I'm 21, a junior
(3rd year undergraduate) majoring in linguistics.  I was introduced to this
list by Sally Caves, who I occasionally see during her office hours, since
she teaches at the university I attend.  I have really only ever had one
conlang project, Skerre, which I started in 1994, but most of the grammar is
from 1999 or sooner.  The lexicon has around 1300 entries.

Shamelessly timed with my re-joining the list, is an announcement of my new
website, devoted mainly to Skerre, at  I
had a site hosted by, but they went to a pay or be real small
format, so I moved to tripod, so any of you who had links to my old site,
please update them. And if anyone else wants to link to my site, go ahead.
Also, my Babel Text is currently not on the web (it was on the old site),
but I plan to put it up on the new one soon.

More space, coupled with the discovery that yes, I can HTML, has prompted me
to write a much more expanded concise grammar.  However, I am not really
sure if I've done a good job writing it or not. Critiques by friends and
family haven't been very telling, since they have very little linguistic
background (despite my attempts), so I'd appreciate any comments by fellow
conlangers on it.

Good to be back,


Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>