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Re: THEORY: Are commands to believe infelicitous?

From:Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 15, 2005, 17:12
On Tuesday, June 14, 2005, at 08:01 , Henrik Theiling wrote:

> Ray Brown <ray.brown@...> writes: >>> What is the difference between belief and knowledge? >> >> Quite a bit IMO. > > Indeed!! > >> I _know_ the roses in my garden are flowering because I can see them >> & touch them. I have direct experience of them. If I said "I believe >> the roses in my garden are flowering" it would imply some degree of >> uncertainty: I don't know for sure, but the evidence points that >> way. > > I'd not say 'belief' has a degree of uncertainty --
Umm - but if I said to any of my neighbors "I believe the rose in my garden are in bloom", I would get some very odd looks and replies like "What do you mean you believe they are! they bloody well are - take a look! " Rest of reply off-list. ==================================== On Tuesday, June 14, 2005, at 08:28 , Henrik Theiling wrote:
> Hi! > >> Henrik Theiling <theiling@...> writes: >> As for your off-topic stuff: please don't take this off-list if you >> intend to continue, ok? > > Errrm, I'm getting old... > > Please *do* take that off-topic discussion off-list!
Ah, a senior moment. We all get them :) Ray =============================================== =============================================== "A mind which thinks at its own expense will always interfere with language." J.G. Hamann, 1760


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