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From:John L. Leland <countsirjehan@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 25, 2003, 2:02
Oh, rabbit are you brown?
Ae *tejodifa fefa *nali-hi?
O rabbit you (animal) brown-query

You are not slow!
Fefa he *hegu-i
You not not-slow-adj.

No, you are the opposite!
He, fefa *hejele
No, you not-as

Alas, you may die in time
Ae *vewa-me fefa wono-vi
Ah, future-in you die (naturally) will

And you will be missed
Ge fefa wevajo--si-vi
And you remembered-be-will

And persons will not know
Ge baka-fe he levajo-vi
And people (m/f) not know-will

That you are not brown
Fefa he nali
You not brown

John Leland


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