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Third report on Koni - some grammar

From:Daniel Andreasson Vpc-Work <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Thursday, March 27, 2003, 13:55
Okay then. Here we go. The first grammar report on Koni.
I just got this on the mail from Jessica. I've just translated it into English,
since Swedish isn't an official
language of this list. Yet. ::makes plans::

Personal pronouns

1SG     ye
2SG     de
3SG     se
1PL     yen
2PL     den
3PL     sen

Reflexive pronouns

1SG     ya
2SG     da
3SG     sa
1PL     yan
2PL     dan
3PL     san


In its basic form, the verb always ends on |-v|.

Example: minarev /mI"narEv/ 'to see'

Depending on TMA, you change |v| to another phoneme. Then
you add the personal pronoun to indicate person. Since Koni
doesn't need to have an explicit subject, you don't have to
have a free-standing one in front of the verb, unless
you want to focus on it.

The present

In the present tense, the verb ends in |-r|. |apelav| 'to
be called' becomes |apelar| 'is called'. Then you add the
personal pronoun. Example:

Apelarye Ye'sika
apela    -r   -ye   Ye'sika
be:called-PRES-1SG  Jessica
'I am called Jessica/My name is Jessica.'

The preterite

Verbs in the preterite end in |-s|. |linav| 'to take' becomes
|linas| 'took'. Example:

Se linasde
se   lina-s-de
3SG  take-PRET-2SG
'You took it.'

The future

Verbs in the future tense end in |-d|. |minarev| 'to see' becomes
|minared| 'will see'. Example:

Yan minaredyen /jan mIna"redjEn/
yan        minare-d  -yen
1PL:REFLX  see   -FUT-1PL
'See you!' Lit. 'We will see us/eachother'

Comments? Bashings? Some angry mob-related activities? ;)

Daniel Andreasson


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