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DECAL: More intro; Server space?

From:Sai Emrys <saizai@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 1, 2004, 23:51
Hello again, everyone.

First off, my conlangs class is now pretty much completely official.
It's approved (2-3 units), listed on (up today),
and the website - - is
working. Yay!

Since finals are coming up for me, I probably won't post much more
about it until after the 19th or so, but from then until mid-January
will be my big "get everything organized etc." push. Expect to see
plenty of stuff then. ;-)

For your convenience, I'll be labelling all related messages with the
subject header DECAL: like on this one; if you're not interested, just
set your kill filters. Or conversely, this will make it easier to
search for.

There are a few things that I will probably need help with.

First would be in preparing notes, homework assignments, etc. The body
of the text I can do fine by myself - explaining the linguistics
background, etc. - but I'll need examples. While I can (and will,
where I need to) pull plenty of examples from basic texts - like
/Linguistics/ and /Language Files/ - I'd like to have as many of my
examples as possible be from actual conlangs. Which in turn means you,
since I would find it rather difficult to research enough conlangs in
enough depth to be able to cite examples to highlight some particular
topic. I'll be posting about this, but if you're interested and
willing to help, stay tuned.

(As a legal aside: I will of course give credit & linkage for anything
I use; I'd ask that you give me permission equivalent to a Creative
Commons by-nc-sa license - - which, btw, is
what I'm doing the entire class under.)

Second, I'm going to need server space. I'm trying to find whether I
can get someone here at Cal to host it, but it seems unlikely. And,
alas, my funding isn't exactly that of "regular" classes - it's all
out of my pocket, unless I manage to get an ASUC grant... and that
would be on the order of $100, most likely. Not enough to buy the
server space for ~40 one-hour video recordings (5-20 gb, depending on
quality), even if they're tightly compressed. So, O ye conlangers: do
any of you have server space you're willing to donate? I will be doing
all the video editing, compression, etc., myself; all I need is a
place to upload them to and point others to for downloading. Email me
if you can help.