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Now What Do I Do with It?

From:John Leland <leland@...>
Date:Monday, June 23, 2003, 15:17
I took some free time to type into my computer the longest single existing
Rihana-ye text, the Di Zilali Wivaroha. This runs 18 pages (with
interlinear). I have a feeling that simply posting it to Conlang would not
be appropriate. Ideally, I probably should put it on a website devoted to
my language, but I do not have one at present. Options I see 1) send it as
a private e-mail attachment to anyone who requests it privately 2) send a
hard copy to anyone who sends me a postal mailing address and requests it
3) send it to someone with a website who might be willing to host it
( I believe when I joined the list, this possibility was mentioned.)
I would welcome responses on this from anyone interested.  (After the
amount of typing I put into it, I hope someone is interested.)
John Leland