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Re: Laturslav (was: Hello! - introduction)

From:Santiago Matías Feldman <iskun20@...>
Date:Monday, September 25, 2006, 2:23
 --- Henrik Theiling <theiling@...> escribió:

> Hi! > > Santiago Matías Feldman writes: > >... > > Yes, of course. My design goals for Laturslav are: > > > > -a very logical language (with approximately the > same > > degree of logicalness as that of Turkish) > > -very analytical (agglutinative lgs tend to be so) > > -very regular (there's only one irregular verb -to > be) > >... > > Ah, I see. Why is 'to be' irregular? I mean, you > may construct > anything, of course, but with a regular copula the > language would be > even more, well, regular. :-)
(Santiago): Well, I thought that, as 'to be' is irregular in Latin and the copula is very frequently used, it would be more real for it to be irregular. This is the only verb that Laturslavians couldn't regularize! ;) BTW, the copula is a very special verb; indeed, a dummy verb as some linguists call it. So, it doesn't feel so unnatural for it to be the only irregular verb in a language. All the natlangs I know have some irregularity in the verb to be. Do you know any natlang in which the copula is regular? Santiago __________________________________________________ Preguntá. Respondé. Descubrí. Todo lo que querías saber, y lo que ni imaginabas, está en Yahoo! Respuestas (Beta). ¡Probalo ya!