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OT: Harry (jara: Canada is severely insulted by US official)

From:Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>
Date:Saturday, January 25, 2003, 11:18
 --- Sarah Marie Parker-Allen skrzypszy:

> Hmmm... good point there. Perhaps if I create a personal language, apart > from the ones for my fictions, it'll be less likely for the elves to have > sixteen varieties of "socialism" and only two kinds of fruit.
Yes, even in the Elvish Soviet Socialist Republic there exists only one kind of socialism and at least three kinds of fruit :)
> And... I don't just write Harry Potter (nor do I just read Harry Potter > ^_^), it's just the only thing on my blog and website at the moment (that > you can find). I write original stuff, and Star Wars stuff,
I know little about the phenomenon of fanfiction, but I know there is some pretty good Babylon 5 stuff around.
> and I'm in a collective writing group (nine people trying to write a novel...
> oiiii...).
How does that work? I have written several stories with friends. Together behind the computer, one writes a few sentences, the other. Especially after a few bottles of wine, the results can be quite surprising. I remember one story about a man visiting the doctor, that ended up in Hitler participating in a game show.
> The second book is my second favorite -- just wait until Book THREE...
I know, I know. But I wanted to "do" them chronologically, that's why I started from Book One. BTW Everybody says that Book Two is the worst of all. I must say that I like it (and both movies were great). I will read your fanfic as soon as I find the time.
> Question: does anyone know if there's Star Trek fanfiction written in > Klingon, or LOTR fanfiction written in Quenya (or really minimalist fiction > written in Sindarin ^_^)?
I haven't the faintest idea. Somehow I think it's not very likely, since such an undertaking required some very good knowledge of the language you are writing in. OTOH, in the case of Klingon I wouldn't be surprised.
> I think that'd have to be the ultimate compliment > to a writer, someone who wants to write in your universe using the language > you invented for it. Someday I want little girls to write fuzzy little > stories about my elves in Sarah1 (or rather, in that language that will be > renamed soon, LOL). And I promise I won't sue them for copyright > infringement, or send them C&D letters.
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