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Re: Small dialectal feature of Montreiano

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, January 14, 2002, 22:03
Barry Garcia wrote:

>In the eastern part of Montrei, which roughly correlates to about the >fresno/central sierra nevada area of OTL California, one dialectal feature >that seems to be restricted to a region comprising several towns (Val de >Pedras, Arvous Roxos, and Pedra Vianca), the typical tapped Montreiano R, >seems to have gone through a change to /dl/ intervocalically. A similar >feature is present in Aklanon: Tag. araw, Akl. adlaw. (In aklanon it seems >inconsistent, in Montreiano, it's consistent).
Not to nit-pick, but.... It's not a regular Tag. development, so no wonder it's inconsistent. Aklanon and lots of other PI languages have preserved an original cluster, Tag. apparently shows an irreg. sporadic simplification. The proto-form in the Tag/Bisayan subgroup (assuming such a thing existed) must have been ?*aldaw > some **aldaw, others (metathesis) **adlaw, but Tag.
> (simplified) **adaw > modern araw. At the AN level, it's a little
complicated-- this **d comes from PAN *j (a rather rare palatal stop/affricate? that ends up as /r, l, d, g, y, s/ in various languages, and the *-l- seems to have been an infix (~prefix in some groups, lacking or lost in others, e.g. Proto Polynesian *aso. But of course it's OK for Montreiano to do anything it wants!