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comparing languages on their merits (was: RE: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 21, 2003, 6:22
Andrew Nowicki:
> I believe that any language is merely a tool that > should be discarded when a better tool is found > Any tool can be compared to other tools. I would > like to know what features of a general purpose > spoken language are desirable > > Some programming languages are better than other > programming languages. Some spoken languages are > better than other spoken languages. Some systems > of measures are better than other systems of > measures. If we had been talking about systems of > measures I would certainly say that the metric > system is superb to other systems. The flamers > in this thread imply that we cannot compare > languages. Just because *they* cannot compare > languages does not mean that languages cannot > be compared
There is a (quiet) forum called devoted to engelangs (engineered languages), the branch of conlangs founded on the premises you describe. Although discussion of engelangs is not at all verboten on Conlang -- after all, in the early days of the Conlang list before 1993 or so, I was the most artlangy list member, a lone voice crying out in the wilderness that conlanging was an art, incredible though it may now seem -- the fact remains that most people on Conlang aren't interested in engelangs. That said, I doubt that even people on Engelang are interested in denunciations of the defects of English or in underinformed proclamations of the superiority of Ygyde. --And.