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cuadrivalent verb (E)

From:David Fernandez-Nieto <yulerippo@...>
Date:Thursday, October 16, 2008, 9:23
"Eugene Oh" un.doing@GMAIL.COM ]

> daf] > when you say "i sell you a book for $10" = "i give you a book and you give > me $10", y think that that AND is special. "and you, because of reciprocity, > give me..." > i propose "e" /i:/ as that special AND.
daf] perhaps E is out of the topic "quadrivalent verb". E is a resource to define "sell" or "buy". when i read "i give you a book and you give me $10", the relationship between "i give you a book" and "you give me $10" doesn't seem to be essential, but casual. is significative the order of the two parts "betweening" AND ? E is an essential AND. never mind the order, and the two parts that between E are not two, but one only thing.