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Re: more places

From:wayne chevrier <wachevrier@...>
Date:Saturday, November 10, 2001, 18:58
Frank George Valoczy nevesht:
>Some placenames in the greater Vancouver area: > >r* = retroflex approximant-ish r, sort of like American r > >['s7:r*i] = Surrey
for me closer to [sr*=r*i]
>['sq^wA:mIS] = Squamish (in English)
an uvular?
>[sq^w@x^w@?'mES] = Squamish 9in Squamish) >['n^j@u wEs"mInstr*=] = New Westminster
Usually New West [nju wEst] final [t] oft lost
>['br*=n7bi] = Burnaby >['r*EtSm7nt] = Richmond
>['dElt6] = Delta >['mISn=] = Mission >['l&INgli] = Langley > >That [g] shouldn't be present between the [N] and the [l], and the [l] is >dental, I mean very dental, tongue tip extends slightly past the upper >teeth.
> >[ts@'wA:sn=] = Tsawwassen
or [t@wA:sn=] or [twA:sn=] or [swA:sn=] or [s=wA:sn=] depending on who you ask
>['l&@dnr*=] = Ladner
>['waItrA:k] = White Rock >
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