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Re: CHAT: Offlang suggestion

From:Irina Rempt <irina@...>
Date:Saturday, April 6, 2002, 16:41
On Friday 05 April 2002 21:04, Christophe wrote:

> En réponse à Maarten van Beek <dungeonmaster@...>:
> > It might be the start of semi-regular conlang meetings in > > The Netherlands. > > Yep, good idea! How's turn to receive? :))
<raise hand> Ours, I think. Solves our logistical problems as well.
> > For all I know in the near future wet may found a real > > conlang club down here. > > Sounds like a nice idea! How about making an official club? How do > you do that in Holland?
I was waiting for Boudewijn or Rob to say something, but as neither of them has done so I'll do it. We had one, briefly, Nederlands Genootschap voor Linguafictie. It foundered because the people in it (no more than half a dozen) either weren't interested enough any more, or stopped being friends. It was never "official" as in "founded by deed poll", and that was a good thing, because that made it much easier to stop having it when it effectively stopped existing. We brought out one yearbook, which appears to me, now, ten years later, to be hopelessly pretentious. Were we *that* young? Or perhaps it's just that I've become curmudgeonly in my middle age... (I was 44 six weeks ago; I'm justified to invoke middle age) Irina -- Back up, but not perfect yet: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | Experience is what you get when you were expecting something else. | ----------------------------------------------------------------------


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