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LCC2: Meeting our Community

From:Donald Boozer <donaldboozer@...>
Date:Monday, July 16, 2007, 14:05
I haven't seen that much posted on LCC2, so I would
like to add my 2.5 cents concerning the event. It has
been a little over a week now, so the initial euphoria
has had time to wear off, but, you know what, I'm
still euphoric. Sai, Alex, David, and the others
responsible for bringing this to fruition did a
marvelous job. The conference was larger than last
year (a trend?), included an international slate of
speakers (O! Canada) and conference attendees
(including the "virtual" attendees via the IRC), and
included a great variety of talks and activities (both
during the conference and during the afterhours). One
thing that struck me was that everyone I met was as
interesting and friendly in-person as they are online.
The LCC2 is a great way to reinforce that conlangers
(whether they be artlangers, engelangers, auxlangers,
etc., etc...personally, I don't know whether I agree
with this 'Balkanization' of conlanging..but that's
for another post) are Human Beings. We are more than
just postings on a listserv. During the final
roundtable discussions, it was stressed that
participants would like to see MORE interaction at
LCC3: dialogues or skits in conlangs, "forced
socialization" (i.e., formal informal get-togethers),
another LCC Relay and it's presentation in-person at
the conference. In this age of "virtual" communities,
LCC gives us the valuable opportunity to remember, and
relish in the fact, that we are a "real" community as
well. We are composed of individuals, but individuals
who are social animals. IMHO, LCC gives us a venue
within which we can experience the joy of conlanging
with others of our kind. Don't misunderstand, I value
the "virtual" comaraderie of CONLANG and ZBB, but the
actual physical presence of someone and the ability to
hold a conversation (not back-and-forth postings) is
invaluable in this day and age. So, I look forward to
LCC3, the final formation of the LCS, and welcome the
opportunity to continue being a part of the wider
conlanging community. Fiat lingua!

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