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Noun Number

From:Patrick Jarrett <seraph@...>
Date:Monday, November 5, 2001, 17:46
One thing I have long been working with in my language is number.
I first wandered from the "accepted" path by adding the nullar number
suffix, giving me the following endings.

        Nullar: -/oU/ :: -w/oU/
        Singular: -- :: --
        Plural: -/I/r :: -r

The first column of endings is for words ending in consonants, and
the second for vowel termination.

Next I came up with the idea for emphatic numbers:

        Nullar: -/aI/ :: -w/aI/ – translated: absolutely no --
        Singular: -n/oU/ :: -n/oU/ – translated: only one – or the --
        Plural:  -/I/n :: -n/I/n - infinite --

And this weekend I was stirred with the idea of the polar opposite,
the "incomplete" numbers. That is the working title until I come
up with a better name.

        Nullar: -/i/ :: -w/i/ – Almost none
        Singular minor: -n/i/ :: -n/E/ – Almost whole
        Singular major: -d/U/ :: -d/A/s - Slightly more than whole
        Plural: There is no incomplete number

Now the incomplete nullar is assumed to be greater than zero, and
the imperfect singular minor is from the low side of whole, or one.
And the Singular major is from the high side of one, or more than
complete. And as of now there is no Incomplete Plural.

If any of you can think of or know of languages which offer something
like this please let me know, I am very curious.


Blaze your trail †

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