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From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 2, 2001, 4:15
>Is it true that a group was organized several years ago promoting >Northern California's secession from Southern California? I frankly >wouldn't blame them. I mean, LA alone monopolizes the water resources >of about three American and two Mexican states.
I remember visiting a website about that. I forget the address now though. ANyway, yes, LA unfairly bought water resources up in the sierras (Owen's Valley, and Lake Mono for instance). Southern California is fairly different from Northern California (yes, i'd say even culturally). Also, those of us caught in between, like Central Californians tend to ally themselves with Northern California (except the southern end of the central region, like Santa Barbara). If it werent for LA's access to water, there's no way it could have grown to the size it has (the LA basin is basically Semi-Arid to arid).Part of the reason i cut off Montrei where it is ;). I'm actually thinking of making Val Seco (Dry Valley, AKA Owen's Valley) a point of contention between Alta California and Montrei (Angelinos wanting rights to build an aqueduct and pump water from it.). In the IB timeline, LA should be a small port town, nothing like it is today.
> >Of course, when such a group was organized in Texas to secede from the >US several years ago, it started rounding people up and putting them >on trial and stuff.
Yeah, but Texans are insane anyway ;). ____________________________________________ Some of us tow the line Some of us are out of reach Everybody party time Some of us, will never sleep again... - Gorillaz


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