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your conlang, please? (Rich Aunt gets hold of the Lunatic Sur vey)

From:Sheets, Jeff <jsheets@...>
Date:Thursday, October 1, 1998, 14:23
> 11) what your conlang is called, >
CL # 1) VaMoRe Lin, "Space Traffic Control Language", Most likely to be used in either a game (Space Flight Sim type.), or perhaps in an SF genre book. CL # 2) Keten Ji Nahen, Lit. "Our speech", a language used as a root. There will be more languages based off of it in the future, including a closer to modern version of Keten. These languages are based in a fictional world. CL # 3) Tit'xka /tit@tSka/, a newly revived language of some rather nasty-evil spider beings, probably to be used in the afore mentioned fictional world.
> 12) what are its unique features, and >
CL # 1) Extremely Isolating. I don't normally like Isolating languages, but this one, I felt needed that. Grammar is going to be pretty lax too. Vocabulary is going to be geared towards space craft designation, communication, etc. Especially identification and records taking. Very little words for planet based activity. CL # 2) Mostly Isolating. Will eventually evolve into many different languages, of many varieties. CL # 3) Haven't decided yet. I, uh, just started back in again... :)
> 13) whether you have a website. >
No websites for any of them yet.
> 14) Also: Mikhail Bakhtin wrote (in _Problems of > Dostoevsky's Poetics_): >
It doesn't really bother me at all that no one else speaks my languages. I can't really come up with too much off the top of my head for any language I make. So really it's no speakers for mine. And if any Rich Aunts out there try and do anything with my languages, I'll sue for copyright infringement. It is my language. If they try and say, this is what it would sound like, I'd say " talk to the hand, and don't forget my lawyer." Then I'd go get a lawyer. :)
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