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Trigger markers and articles.

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Monday, March 20, 2000, 12:30
Yes, i went through with it. I decided to add articles into Saalangal. The
reason was, I like being able to specify implicitly that a noun is
definate or indefinate. It also adds to the fusion of Austronesian, and
European features (well, western European languages like Spanish or

If I recall correctly, in most trigger languages, whatever is marked by
the trigger marker, is usually translated as definate, while the other
nouns can be indefinate or definate. With articles, it allows the trigger
to be definate _or_ indefinate (as well as the other nouns). Articles
always preceed the trigger markers.

When a sentence lacks a verb, the trigger markers are not used, only the

The book is there. - Sam sabés disón. (the book there)

In the following examples, the focus (-in) is object focus, with a command
prefix (personal command prefix ata-). The object is sabés  (book)

- Put the book there. - Atabáris-in un sam yu sabés disón. (put you the
trig. book there)

- Put a book there. - Atabáris-in un kay yu sabés disón. (put you a trig.
book there)

Without the articles (sam - the, kay - a), the book would always be
translated as definate (well usually unless the translator knew what the
speaker or writer was thinking). With the articles, I can focus on sabés ,
and have it either definate or indefinate. It might not be too natural,
but hey, I like it.


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