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GOODBYE (was: Auxlang Advocacy (was: Li Lingue Modern))

From:Raymond A. Brown <raybrown@...>
Date:Sunday, November 1, 1998, 17:09
After reading Bob Petry's latest invective, I thought: "What the heck! I
left AUXLANG to escape this sort of nonsense.  I can do without it again.
I'm quitting & keeping all my conlanging to _moderated_ lists."

Then I read James E. Hopkins & cheered up.

At 8:13 am -0500 1/11/98, list James E. Hopkins wrote:
>A PS to my previous message: > >I believe that we CAN discuss auxlangs as Constructed Languages WITHOUT the >question of advocacy coming up. I feel that auxlangs are a good source of >information about what other (and older) projects have done and how they did >it. > >I can certainly tell you all about the beauty and utility of my make and model >car without having to try to convince you to buy one. > >The auxlang as projects worthy of study I support, why not leave the Language >Crusades to another list? >
Certainly I believe we OUGHT to be able to discuss conIALs as conlangs without the question of advocacy. Unfortunately if I dare make any observation about two conIALs, it's assumed I'm either attacking them or their advocate. Sorry - I can do without such paranoia. I agree that conIALs as _projects_ are worthy of study & that Crusades belong to another list. I've said that time & time again. Alas, Crusaders will get in wherever they can. But after reading Lojbab's reply, I despair again. I have no problem with Auxlangers figting it out on Auxlang if _they_ wish to; but it's not for me. I really did think Auxlang had been set up for that purpose. Ah well, I'm mistaken again. We have a guy who has openly said on this list that he has not constructed any language & never intends to; as far as I can see his only purpose here is to promote his two chosen conIALs. To me this seems an abuse of the Conlang list. But, I guess, I'm mistaken again. Sorry - I have pressure enough from work. I want to turn to conlanging as enjoyable _relaxation_ from such pressure. Having removed myself from one list because I was tired of having my arguments repeatedly misrepresented & all discussion conducted at a personal level, I certainly have no wish for a repeat performance here. Sadly, I've come to the conclusion that one can guarantee reasoned discussion on conlanging only on moderated lists. So I bid all good-bye. Ray.