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Proto-Languages Question

From:Elliott Lash <erelion12@...>
Date:Friday, September 24, 2004, 4:55
Hello All,

 Well, I have 4 main related languages, as some of you
may know: Classical Nindic, West Nindic (Hinession),
Silindion and Essamea. The entire family is called

 Classic Nindic and Hinession form what is known as
the Northern Nindic branch of Nindic a sub-branch of
Silinestic. The other language is South Nindic, which
forms the Southern Nindic branch.

  Silindion and Essamea, along with two others,
Lannelka and South Silic (which are not so defined)
form the Silic sub-branch of Silinestic.

 They all use the same roots and from them derive many
identical or similar words. The grammar of all the
languages is derived from the common source, but tends
to go in different directions, as you might suspect.
The problem I'm having is...knowing the grammar of all
the daughter's, I'm not too certain about what the
definitive grammar of Silinestic is. I'll give an
example, to hopefully show what I mean.

"He gave sharp swords and broad shields to the hero"

Nâ v’asan n’herchein nechver ha rhesein cas penos da

Cl. Nindic:
Ethed naw herchín ethaen ‘bo rhedd cath noth i laerwy

Anelë kiréin sampi rondeimma kasta i lairohyanu

Nelsi kiree sikkie nee rendee kasta sinjänu läirejä

Without giving the interlinears for the daughters,
here is what should be reconstructed as the common

*anta-ti: (o:) sjarski-j itt-ani: emopod roda-j kasta
give-pst (he) sword-pl bite-prp. and  shield-pl broad

nods je la:jros-ja
unto the hero-pl

*a-nel-si: kira-j-n      sapni naj rodno-j-n    kasta
AUG-give-pst sword-pl-AC sharp and shield-pl-ACC broad

je   la:jros-ja=no:d
the  hero-pl-to

The problem I'm having is how to relate the two
proto-languages into one common Silinestic. It seems
like the main differences between Silic and Nindic in
the stages given above are vocabulary based. So I'm
not sure what the original Silinestic vocabulary might
have least in this case.

Anyways, what do you all think?


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