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Re: Weekly Vocab #1.1.1 (repost #1)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Thursday, August 31, 2006, 17:12

Managed to finish this before the next list is posted despite the
funny words and the strange random words from WordNet (I even did

    björkur     < *berkuz (loan from Germ.)

    I already had this one! :-)

    hömnilupur  < HOMINI + LUPUS

to save (money)
   résjörvir   < RE + SERVARE

   (Yes, the infinitive ending has changed, because I found it
   improbable that both inf. endings -ri and -ir would really survive.
   The question was whether -ar would be the ending here (by analogy
   with the other -a- from this conjugation), or -ir (by analogy with
   all other verbs).  I decided to use -ir, since the -a- has dropped
   in two many cases to be obvious.)

to conquer
   kúkýstir    < CON + *QUISITARE
               < *(CON)-QUISITUM
               cf. QUAERERE (part.perf. QUAESITUS)

   Other words with prefixes that were from QUAERERE in Latin have
   also used *quisitare instead, e.g. 'aðkýstir' 'to acquire'.
   Standalone QUAERERE has not survived, but only prefixed verbs in
   -kýstir < -QUISITARE.

   þémt        < THEMA, THEMATIS

   The is analogically reconstructed.  The regular
   from would be **þém

ribbon tree
   manatuörbur < manatu (modern loan) + örbur < ARBOR

   What a strange vocab entry -- German has no word for this tree.

to concuss
   kúkytir     < CON + CUTERE
               cf. QUATERE

   Some other prefixes from verbs from -CUTERE have not been
   reanalysed, but sound shifted as a whole, e.g. skytir < EXCUTERE.
   'QUATERE' itself has to survived, and -kytir < -CUTERE is only used
   in verbs with prefixes.

This has boosted the lexicon to 267 entries.



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