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Semi-retired conlanger updates web page

From:Morgan Palaeo Associates <morganpalaeo@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 23, 2002, 6:45
I've now converted all the details of my humble conlang into simple
.htm files. Previously, the guts of the language were available only
in a zipped .rtf file that was available for download.

I've used very simple html formatting - no tables or other fancy
stuff. The content hasn't changed much, but I did fiddle with a few
small things. Any comments about presentation or anything else?

Conlang page:

falpregehsdrysin {fal'pregeTdrIs@n} means "conlang". Literally, the
product of creating language with pleasure:
 preg  = to speak
 -ehs  = system for
 -drys = to create
 fal-  = indicates positive emotion
 -in   = product of


BTW: Quidjfravzgembtchowlkspynx. I worked that out some time ago - it
contains all the letters of the English alphabet exactly once, and yet
is quite easy to pronounce (five syllables). I'm quite proud of that