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From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 10, 2002, 21:37
From: Mike a.k.a. "Abrigon Gusiq" <abrigon@...> a.k.a. Morgoth:

>> I use it as a varietion on Lingua. I just find spelling out Language >> alot of times can be a royal pain. And often I end up mispelling >> language due to the nature of the Qwerty keyboard.
*TsK-TsK* Lazy boy! You don't even _try_ to make a respectable effort at making yourself understandable 1/2 the time!!! And do you have a problem with using dictionaries and your spellchecker? No more excuses and/or whining, please, Mike! You are just embarassing yourself [and beginning to really irk me in off-list email "tonnage"] It is rather damning that you do not check your facts and that you do not ask if something is true or not ... At least, preface a statement with _something_ along the lines of "AFAIK" or "it seems...", etc. ad nauseum... Quite amusingly, it seems that even a sizable number of the ESL [English-as-Second-Language] -speakers/users have a better grasp of basic written English than you, a "L1" American who lives in Alaska, USA. And do not _even_ try repeating your blaming of the American education system or the schools you went to for your own (s)lack ;) };P~~~ "enuff said, never enuff done..." Hanuman Zhang, 3-Toed-Sloth-Style Typist, ... a slow and methodical surviver... not a lazy and lethargic catatonic ;) "the sloth is a chinese poet upsidedown" --- jack kerouac {1922-69} -------------------------------------------------- "There is no reason for the poet to be limited to words, and in fact the poet is most poetic when inventing languages. Hence the concept of the poet as 'language designer'." --- O. B. Hardison, Jr. "La poésie date d' aujour d'hui." (Poetry dates from today) "La poésie est en jeu." (Poetry is in play) --- Blaise Cendrars