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Re: Twins (was: Re: AX )

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, January 13, 2000, 23:19 writes:
>Does your twin happen to be a conlanger also? >My first conlang (ool-Nuziiferoi) was a project that me and my twin >brother started working on after we started learning our first real >foreign language in highschool, Spanish. Then he stopped working on it, >so i took some of it and mixed it together with Rokbeigalmki when that >popped out of nowhere. :-) Now he's somewhat interested in my conlangs, >but he doesn't do anything himself. He also gave my new conlang, >Jûdajca, the nickname "Jewsky" (he said the name [juwzajka] sounded >Russian).
Unfortunately, no. My brother is my exact opposite. If he likes a genre of music, I tend to dislike most of it, same goes for him. He's picky about eating, and i'm not. He's skinny and i'm not, he's the extrovert, i'm the introvert (You can tell we're fraternal, que no? ). My mom did say that we did have a kind of language or something whenever we were together as toddlers. But, that's as close as he gets to conlanging. He really hates when I talkabout him in Spanish, and he would find anything related to learning about languages as boring. ________________________________________________ It's worth the risk of burning, to have a second chance...