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Re: Fence post error (was: CONLANG Digest -)

From:Markus Miekk-oja <torpet@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 5, 2000, 22:03
> > If you've heard about the "fence post error", you probably know that
> > programmers refer to the first element of an array, as the nullth.
> > calling the 1th the "first" would be absurd, so some call that the
> > (nollte och ente elementet). However, I'm adviced to not do that. > > What's the fence post error? I assume those are C/C++ programmers, aren't
they? How many fence posts do you need, if you have one / meter and ten meters? That problem, will by several be answered with ten. However, the answer is eleven. That's the "fence post error". In order not to confuse the different elements, they've been niftily renamed.