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Newbie phonology question

From:J.K. <a1091190@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 1, 2005, 1:22
Hey all... I'm a history student from darkest Australia with a casual
interest in linguistics, and I'm putting together a conlang called
Black Mu principally designed to swear in. Not a particularly ambitious
or mature project, admittedly, but amusing enough...

One of the things I was aiming for is that the phonology seem exotic
and unpleasant while still being pronounceable by my undereducated
tongue (I'm already regretting adding /K/). I'm putting this on the
list because I was curious if the one I've come up would be plausible
in a natural liturgical language; I hope I've got the CXS right...

i 1 M


a   Q

Monophthongs are usual, but diphthongs /ae/, /ai/, /aQ/, /aM/, /ei/,
/eM/, /Qe/, /Qi/, and /QM/ are permitted.

All voiced consonants are allophonic with their voiceless counterparts;
I've left them out of the table. Phonemically there is only one nasal
and one trill, which are uvular "on their own" but generally assimilate
with a neighboring consonant; allophones are marked on the table with *
and # respectively.

	 bil den alv p-a vel uvu glt

stop p   .   t   .   k   .   ?

+vel .   .   t_w .   k_w .   .

affr .   .   ts) tS) .   .   .

+vel .   . ts_w) tS_w)   .   .

fric p\  T   s   S   x   .   h

nsl  *   .   *   .   *   N\  .

lat  .   .   K   .   .   .   .

tril #   .   #   .   #   R\  .

Syllable structure I'm still working out, but I'm shooting for some
nasty consonant clusters like (C)(C)(C)(C)V(V)(C)(C), it's just a
matter of working out which consonants can go in which places. If it
makes the reader get a headache just looking at the word, I figure I'm
on the right track. ;o)