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/Nkej/ and /Nkaut/

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Sunday, July 22, 2001, 1:48
I've said this for years.  In fact, I thought I was
saying /mkej/,  until I recognized it as a swallowed
first syllable.  Also, I rarely found that I
ever said "kay," as you see it reprinted sometimes
in novels.  That first syllable has left its trace.

Curiously,  my husband and  I used to joke about
his abbreviation of "look out!" spoken to his Yorkie.
If the dog was underfoot and Chris needed
to open the refrigerator, he always said /Nkaut!/ .
It was almost as if the /k/ had lost its plosive qualities,
along with the truncation of its first syllable.  This is
probably the same phenomenon as /Nkej/.

Sally Caves

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From: Aidan Grey <frterminus@...>
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> I've said /N,kei/ for as long as I can remember. > What really interests me about this phenomena is how > the /o/ became a syllabic consonant (/N/ being an > obvious choice as it is homorganic with the following > velar/glottal). > > Aidan > > > __________________________________________________ > Do You Yahoo!? > Make international calls for as low as $.04/minute with Yahoo! Messenger > >