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Rate of Change in Rtemmu (was Re: Re: How to say This Week?)

From:Dan Sulani <dnsulani@...>
Date:Friday, June 13, 2003, 13:39
On 12 June, J Y S Czhang wrote:

> Go, rtemmu, go!
Ah, but at what rate of change? ;-)
> Personally I'd shorten those to near grammatical-particle-size... but > that's just me...I think. 1. -x or -xa 2. -sa 3. -xa or -xas (or
even -xaz)
> What _do_ others think 0_o? Does this compute ;) ?
It would, for me, if I were being reasonable! But where's the fun in being reasonable? ;-)
> >Leaving out, for the moment, those infamous > >but interesting rate-of-change-markers ;-) > > LMAO. Lovely things they be...
Here, then, are a few of them for your delectation. Note: rate-of-change markers used here are: nu = subjective change too slow to notice no = subjective change which is slow ne = subjective change which is fast ni = subjective change too fast to follow zuv = objective change too slow to notice kehs = objective change at a "normal" rate fis = objective change which is fast wuh = unknown rate of change, subjective or objective it- = decelerating rate of change ut- = accelerating rate of change wit- = accelerating and decelerating rate of change (ie wild, unpredictable changes) ner = different parts of the process changing at different rates, subjectively Examples: with dono`gndadarxas (= the current week) no dono`gndadarxas = Will the end of the week never come? nu dono`gndadarxas = I'm bored outta my tree! itnu dono`gndadarxas = I'm bored outta my tree and drowning in molasses! fis dono`gndadarxas = My watch is running fast. ner dono`gndadarxas = This week has its ups and downs. utner dono`gndadarxas = This week is a roller coaster! witner dono`gndadarxas = This week is an LSD-fueled roller coaster! wuh dono`gndadarxas = Duh! What week is this? ne dono`gndadarxas = Moving right along! etc. Examples with dono`gndadarsaxas (= the coming week). kehs dono`gndadarsaxas = I'm reading my crystal ball (Tarot cards, whatever). nu dono`gndadarsaxas = This place is going nowhere! zuv dono`gndadarsaxas = I've just time-traveled to next week and it's still the same old [add favorite expletive! ;-) ]! etc. Examples with dono`gndadarxasax (= the previous week) ni dono`gndadarxasax = Where did last week go? wuh dono`gndadarxasax = There was a last week? witwuh dono`gndadarxasax = There was a _me_ ? (witwuh = wildly accelerating-decelerating ignorance ;-) ) etc. Dan Sulani ----------------------------------------------------------- likehsna rtem zuv tikuhnuh auag inuvuz vaka'a A word is an awesome thing.