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TECH: Miller: Software for Efficient Recording

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Saturday, March 13, 1999, 1:00
Herman Miller wrote:

> Olaetyan has a number of grammatical irregularities; sometimes due to > changes in the grammar, other times an ad hoc simplification of an awkward > cluster. There are also irregularities in Olaetyan spelling. Some of the > Elvish languages have deliberately irregular conjugations of the more > common verbs such as "to be" and "to have". But I generally don't have a > plan for irregularity when I set out to design a new language. If it is > successful, I can introduce irregularity once I'm familiar enough with the > regular structure of the language.
And once you start using it so much that they develop by accident!Herman, I've just been listening to your sound bytes for your languages, and am delighted by the Olaetyan reading of The Sun and the North Wind. What a believable sounding language you've created here. Do you synthesize your human voices as well? (Newcomers should check out his Cispa!). But damn it, where can I get a recorder that will record something of mine under 475K? I put part of my Felrreo song up, as some of you might have noticed, on the Real Audio page, but I have to do it with my Windows 98 recorder, --the thing that comes with your "Entertainment and CD package"-- which is clearly substandard. I have RealPlayer, which I downloaded sometime last year when my computer crashed, and even though I know you and others patiently answered this question, would you mind telling me again what software I need (can I download it?) to record things efficiently? I lost all your answers when Frontier decided to core dump my mailspool last fall. I swear I'll print these out this time round. I mean, I'm listening to Rynnen, and I notice it's under 170K. How did you get it so trimmed down???? Loads fast, plays within a few seconds... Sally Caves Tenuo al attear, kraiko al ofykya, edrime al imuif