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Yet another conlang project...

From:Joe Fatula <fatula3@...>
Date:Friday, March 28, 2003, 1:37
Since I keep throwing any and all conlangs I make these days into my
conworld, I'm starting to have just hordes of little mountain tribes and
people from isolated islands.  A language originally intended to be _the_
strange isolate holdout, like Basque, now has fragmented into several
independant dialects, spawned off a trade pidgin language, and has several
far smaller isolates around it.  Anyways...

My current project is a language where virtually every word is somehow
derived from a verbal root.  The root is a triconsonantal set as in Hebrew
or Arabic, and it takes all manner of changes.  Here are a few:

horom - tall tree
ihirim - someone who has made the journey to the sacred mountain peak
aharom - to reach upwards
reharma - to improve oneself
uhunrum - earth

ampulra - gift
apalor - to give
balar - free
ambalier - given
belrueca avos - I gave it to him

ulungur - cave
leguro - plot of land
elguia - country
urelguriague - in my country


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