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Story - TCOAIW

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 8, 2002, 11:04
Some years ago a friend and I co-wrote a fantasy story. But before I
had finished polishing it up (i.e. redrafting it) I got busy with
other things. Thus, it has been sitting in my desk drawer for two or
three years. However, just recently I have finally got around to
starting the redrafting process again.

The current draft of chapter one is now online at

Later (when I've redrafted the other ten or so chapters) I would like
the help of someone who can correct the speech of those characters
(the natives of the world) who are represented as using archaic
(Shakespearian) English, on which I am no expert.

The name of the main character - Zerrakhi - is a word in my conlang
- zerakky, 'explorer'.




H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>